Latest iPhone 8 Leak Shows Device Running iOS 11, Sensor Bar – Not so Cool

iPhone 8 running iOS 11

iPhone 8 leaks are coming in thick and fast these days. Nearly every two days there’s a new image that says “this is iPhone 8” all over again. For the most part, however, the rumors have agreed on the main features: no Home button, vertical dual camera, embedded TouchID fingerprint sensor, wireless charging capability, end-to-end screen with near-zero bezel and so on.

Of note is the fact that most iPhone rumors in the past have come true. Most of iPhone 7’s features were known well ahead of the official launch in September 2017. That makes it very likely that ongoing rumors about iPhone 8 will also be mostly true, since they’re coming from the usual supply chain sources that make components for iPhones.

The latest images show what is purportedly an iPhone 8 running iOS 11, most definitely the first beta version that’s our for developers right now.

iPhone 8 running iOS 11

The only feature we might consider a “flaw” is the sensor bar at the top, which kind of breaks up the bezel-less look on the upper portion of the display. There are two aspects to that:

One is the display itself, where the status bar is extremely limited. What happens if there are even more icons than shown in the leaked image? Where do they go? The only place is right under the sensor bar, where the time is displayed in the first two images above. That’s kind of asymmetric as it is.

The second point is the sensor bar. We’d always guessed that Apple would have to leave it there, with no real choice to embed this type of sensor (especially the front-facing camera) into the display the way they managed to do with the fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, it once again takes away from the overall symmetry of the device.

The only other choice would have been to limit the display area in line with the lower end of the sensor bar, but that would mean a much wider top bezel. It looks like a design choice that Apple was forced to make along the way rather than something that was planned from the beginning.

If you want a full run-down on all the rumors about iPhone 8 so far, this is where you should go:

Every Detail, Rumor and Tidbit about iPhone 8. Ever!

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