Microsoft Claws Back on Surface Sales Decline with Surface Pro and Surface Laptop

Surface Pro Surface Laptop

Microsoft is going gung-ho on Surface devices this year, with two key products already launched and at least one more revolutionary device in the pipeline. 2016 was a very dry year for Surface releases, with only the Surface Studio and Dial making it out of the gate. As a result, Microsoft took a serious hit during the first quarter of 2017, showing a sales decline of around 27% on Surface sales.

The rest of 2017 is bound to be a different story.

Two very powerful devices in their respective classes have been released, and a third, even more powerful one, is expected later this year. There’s no looking back now.

But how are Surface Pro and Surface Laptop going to help Microsoft’s fortunes?

As far as Surface Pro goes, it is decidedly superior to the newly announced iPad Pro models from Apple Inc. In fact, one of Microsoft’s executives even went so far as to take a dig at Apple and say that the Cupertino tech giant was emulating Microsoft’s ways, in reference to device capabilities.

We know that iOS 11 is going to be bringing some desktop-like abilities to iPad Pro, but it’s not going to be enough to compete against a device like the new Surface Pro 2017. Essentially, it’s a fight between a device with a proper, robust desktop operating system and one with a souped-up version of a mobile operating system. That’s basically what iOS 11 is, with its iPad-exclusive features and little else to add to the equation.

That’s not even a fair fight.

And as for the head-on collision course that this year’s MacBook Pro refresh is on with the Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S (upgradable to Windows 10 Pro for $50), the Surface line has now leapfrogged over the MacBook Pro for a considerable lead.

This is the year Apple should feel threatened about its position in the premium tablet and laptop segments. And Surface Studio isn’t making it any easier for iMacs, either. The premium segment is limited as it is, and Surface is going to leave no stone unturned to make sure that enterprise users and individual corporate users choose Surface over anything else.

At 1redDrop, our sixth sense tells us that Microsoft Surface is going to deliver some impressive numbers over the next several quarters. It may take another quarter or two to gain some traction, but we should see full-bodied Surface sales during the holiday quarter 2017.

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