Over the month of June, Google Chrome 59 rolled out to desktop, Android and Chrome OS users, with subsequent availability of Google Chrome 60 on the beta channel and Google Chrome 61 on the dev channel. What new features can we expect to see on Chrome 60 and Chrome 61? Let’s have a look.

First of all, Google Chrome 59 brought in a lot of key features that Google has been working on for some time, such as a new UI design and completely changed “Settings” section, a 20% performance enhancement on Android via the new V8 Javascript engine, animated PNG support, better native printing capabilities on Chrome OS, native macOS notifications, the Image Capture API and so on.

Google Chrome 60 brings a ton of features as well, and is now available on the beta channel. It brings a new search widget that can switch between search engines. Also, full-screen ads will no longer be able to vibrate your devices, thanks to restrictions to the Vibration API that was introduced to Chrome a few years ago. Now, you’ll have to actually tap on a webpage for ad to be able to vibrate your device. There’s also a new context menu (the menu that appears when you long-press a link) with icons next to the items, and a tabbed menu for linked images.

Google Chrome 60

In addition, Google Chrome 60 brings a new file picker that pops up when you try to upload content to a webpage. The context menu and file picker are actually on Google Chrome 59 as well, but quite buggy when compared to what will finally come on Chrome 60.

With Google Chrome 61, Google is giving Android users a completely overhauled redesign called Chrome Home, which brings the address bar and navigation interface to the bottom of the screen. The feature is now enabled on Chrome 61 on the dev channel. More features will be revealed as version 61 eventually moves to beta around July 20th. The stable channel should get Google Chrome 61 by September 12th.

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