Microsoft’s “Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID” is Really Cool, and it Works with MacOS and Android

Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Microsoft has launched the new “Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID”, with a special fingerprint sensor that’s built into one of the keys, allowing users to log into their Windows 10 account as well as websites that support Windows Hello. The keyboard is meant as a replacement for the Surface Keyboard, but brings several key changes.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard

The fingerprint ID is the first big change. This single key with the fingerprint sensor provides easy biometric access to the user’s Windows machine, while integrating beautifully with the keyboards standard key layout.

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID also supports Bluetooth, like the Surface Keyboard, but it also has a plug-in option so you can use it as a wired keyboard. The Bluetooth pairing happens automatically the first time you plug in the device

The new keyboard will start retailing soon at $129.99, and is compatible with macOS as well as new versions of Android.

Alongside the Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, Microsoft is also launching the Microsoft Modern Mouse at $49.99.

Available for pre-order right now for $79.99 is the Microsoft Arc Mouse, which you can snap flat when you’re not using it.

Microsoft hasn’t mentioned a specific release date, but all of these accessories should soon be available for pre-order or ready-to-ship.

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