No Jailbreak Required: Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) for iOS, Sideload IPA File to iPhone and iPad

Grand Theft Auto 5 for iOS - IPA File + Sideload Instructions

Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost four years old now, but it is one of the all-time favorites for any serious gamer. Grand Theft Auto 6 is already in production, according to reports, but since that’s still three or four years away from release, GTAV or GTA 5 is going to be the “latest” version for quite a while.

Though this is primarily a console and PC game, there are ‘cracked’ versions of GTAV that have been ported for Android and iOS devices. We’ve done some searching around, and this particular option for iOS seems to be the most hassle-free one. A lot of IPA files for GTA 5 require you to take extensive surveys. This one has an offer that you have to pick, but it’s fairly quick and simple. Once you get the IPA file downloaded to your Mac or PC, you can continue reading the section where we show you how to install it on your iOS device.

This game is ideal on a larger screen so if you have an iPad, that would be preferable over an iPhone. Alternatively, you can read this article on how to get the APK file for an Android tablet or smartphone.

NOTE: This process will NOT jailbreak your device.

Getting the IPA File for GTA 5 on iOS Devices

You’ll need to do this on a PC or Mac, NOT directly on your iOS device. Click on this link to go to the download page for the Grand Theft Auto 5 IPA file. Once there, you’ll see a big green “Download” button. Clicking on that will take you to an offer page based on your location. Once you complete one of the offers, the IPA file should automatically download to your PC or Mac.

Next, we show you how to sideload and install the application on your iOS device using the file saved on your desktop.

Preparing Your PC or Mac for the Sideload Process

First, you will need the Cydia Impactor, so download the right version for your system. You can view the download options here.

Second, you will need the latest version of iTunes, and you can get the latest iTunes here from Apple.

Now that the basic preparation is done, you can start the sideloading process.

How to Sideload the Grand Theft A 5 IPA File to your iOS Device

Before you start, remember to do the following steps one at a time. Don’t rush, and if there are any issues, DO NOT PROCEED. It’s your device and your decision to sideload this software, so please keep that in mind. If there’s any doubt at all, don’t do it.

Let’s Begin.

The first thing to do is connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.

Second, find the Cydia Impactor file that you downloaded earlier and run it.

Third, after connecting your device and running Cydia Impactor, look for a dropdown menu that contains the name of your device. Select it.

Fourth, remember that IPA file for Grand Theft Auto 5 that you downloaded just now? Drag that and drop it into the Cydia Impactor interface.

The Fifth one is an important step. You will need an Apple ID to proceed. At this point you have two choices. The free ID can be obtained from If you already have a paid developer ID you can use that to avoid resigning the app’s certificate every seven days.

Sixth, after you enter the paid or free ID, Cydia will start sideloading GTA 5 to your iOS device. Leave it for a few minutes, until the process is complete.

Seventh, DO NOT LAUNCH the GTA 5 app from the Home Screen even though you’ll see it there. Instead, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles. and look for the app profile.

Eighth, tap on the profile and then Trust the Certificate.

Ninth, enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5 on your iPad or iPhone!

Tenth, tell us about your experience, or give our readers some expert advice in the comments section. A lot of people could benefit from it.

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