Google Launches New AI-Powered Job Search Feature on Google Search

Google job search engine

Looking for a job? Google Search has just come to the rescue, having launched an artificial intelligence-powered job search feature for its users. Curating jobs from all the top job portals, such as Monster, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Facebook and many more, the new search functionality brings filterable job searches to your fingertips.

How Does the New Google Search Job Search Feature Work?

The feature works like any of the new, personalized search options on Google’s search engine. Simply type a term like “jobs near me” or “jobs in technology” or whatever, and you’ll be shown a new job search widget where you can filter by various criteria, such as by job portal, by location, full-time vs part-time and so on.

The new AI-powered job search feature also displays employee ratings from sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, so you can read reviews about a particular employer before you apply for a job there.

Google has also added a notifications feature so you can set alerts for new job posts that fit your requirements.

It’s a big job to filter out all the incomplete, irrelevant and duplicate job postings for a single position, and that’s where the AI element comes in. Using algorithms that have been trained using machine learning, Google is able to trawl through the massive number of job posts and organize them in a way that makes them easy to search for and find.

Google doesn’t get into the job application part of the process. Instead, it will simply guide you to the portal that has the most complete information about that particular job post. That’s interesting to note, because it will force job portals to encourage their users to create more complete and detailed job postings.

The company is also not allowing job portals to post jobs directly on the new job search widget. Though that would be lucrative, to say the least, Google is only interested in making the job search process easier. Which is what they do best, anyway.

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