New Surface Phone Concept Design is a Foldable Stunner, 2017 Release Would be Awesome

Surface Note Surface Phone concept design

Industrial designed Ryan Smalley has just mocked up a concept design for a foldable Surface Phone, and it’s certainly a stunner. The concept design looks like its based on various rumors about the Surface Phone, including the patent that Microsoft has for a foldable device. The rendering is beautiful, and covers a number of form factors that Smalley collectively terms “Surface Note.”

Surface Phone

The rendering also shows the seamless joint where the device is folded. When opened out, you won’t see the fold at all, and it will simply look like a single, larger screen.

Of course, this is merely a rendering based on rumors and leaked information, but such a device could be a massive hit in the smartphone/tablet market, especially if it has Windows 10 on ARM and can run win32 desktop applications.

What’s intriguing about this concept is that it includes support for a Surface Note Pen, which makes sense because productivity apps would be high on the list of priorities for such a device. There’s also a dual camera shown in the image.

Microsoft seems to be on schedule for a fourth quarter release of a “Surface Mobile”/Cellular PC/Surface Phone device with Windows 10 on ARM, and at least three major original equipment manufacturers are on board with Microsoft and Qualcomm on this project.

It’s very doubtful that this year’s Surface Phone device will be a foldable type, but we’re hoping that there’s at least no change in the launch schedule, even if it does have a regular smartphone-type form factor.

Meanwhile Microsoft is being silent about the whole thing, only letting slip the fact that any smartphone-type device will be an “ultimate mobile” device that’s “different” from anything that anyone else is doing.

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