Google Chrome on Android O Gets Picture-in-Picture Video Support

Android O picture-in-picture Google Chrome support

A new Google Chrome feature that’s been a part of Android TV for sometime now has finally made its way into Android O, the latest mobile OS version from Google: Picture-in-Picture video support is now available for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Support for picture-in-picture for videos can already be seen on applications like VLC player, but that feature is now available on Google Chrome on all mobile devices. Earlier this month, the third developer preview for Android O was made available.

If your device is already enrolled in the developer program, you can download the new OS version preview to your Android device here. If not, you can sign up to the Android Beta Program here, following which you can download Android O DP3.

The feature currently works on Google Chrome Dev, which is the developer channel for Google Chrome releases. That channel has been updated to Google Chrome 61, so it will be a while before you see the feature on Android O devices running Chrome 61.

According to a tip received by Android Police, you need to open a video in full-screen on Google Chrome 61 (dev channel, as mentioned), then tap the ‘recents’ button twice to enable the video to go into PIP mode.

One commenter reported that it’s working on the current stable Google Chrome 59, and all you need to do is open a full-screen video on Chrome and then tap the Home button, similar to how you’d do it for YouTube.

Android O is expected to be released to the public on Google Pixel 2 smartphones later this year, which will presumably follow an annual release cycle and launch in October 2017.

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