All Free PlayStation PS Plus Games and Xbox Live with Gold Games for July 2017

Xbox and PlayStation games free for July 2017

July seems to be a toned-down month for free releases from Sony and Microsoft for their respective gaming consoles. Today, we’re showcasing all the free games for PlayStation and Xbox coming to you in a few days. It’s not much, but there are some great games waiting in the wings for you to grab them.

Free Games for July 2017 from Sony for PS4, PS4 and Vita

PS Plus members are getting these free games from Sony this July:


Until Dawn: This is a high-school-kids-trapped-in-a-cabin-in-the-woods-with-a-slasher-on-the-loose kind of game. Very Freddie Kreuger meets Jason Voorhees, and the game actually looks scary at times. Good entertainment. Not the best, but it’s free, after all.

Game of Thrones: Good rendition of the source, but don’t expect much from the story or the characters in this version of GoT. Still, it’s a pretty decent game if you want the same ambience and feel that the book or TV series provides.


Tokyo Jungle: This is Tokyo after the apocalypse, and you have to role-play as several animals, mating and spawning new generations as you fight to survive. Weird game, for sure, but it’s got a mix of several genres that makes gameplay quite exciting.

Darkstalkers Resurrection: Better known as Vampire Resurrection in Japan, this is a compiled version of two classics: Darkstalkers 3 and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge.


Element4l: Neat little Indie game that has a pretty dumb name, but the game is nicely done. This puzzle platformer lets you move about using the four elements: fire for moving forward, ice for sliding along and so on. Nice and free, so if you’re a rare gamer with a Vita, go for it.

Don’t Die, Mr. Robot (also on PS4): Basically an arcade-style game with an exploding fruit theme. Your job is to keep Mr. Robot alive as he munches his way through various types of fruit.

Free Games for July 2017 from Microsoft for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox One

Grow Up: This is the sequel to Grow Home, and is an open-world platformer. It’s about a robot called BUD.

Runbow: This is racing platformer, don’t get caught on a level that’s the same color as you are – you’ll fall right through! Exciting game, and retails for $14.99 so the free offer is a great deal.

Xbox 360

Kane & Lynch 2: Third-person shooter, co-op, and obviously a sequel. Not that great on the reviews front but it’s supposed to have a strong niche following.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game: Solve puzzles, meet characters from the movie and generally have a lot of fun in this LEGO laugh-out-loud split-screen co-op game.

Admittedly, July’s free games from Sony and Microsoft aren’t what you would call major releases. Then again, you don’t really expect to see the top grossing games on Xbox or PlayStation coming for free, do you?

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