The “Surface Mini” Tablet that Died before the 2014 Surface Pro Launch

Surface Mini Surface Pro

Back in 2014, there were rumors that Microsoft was launching a Surface Mini alongside Surface Pro 3. The evidence of that came from a third-party seller on Amazon, who posted a photo of the device in a special smart cover.

Surface Mini Surface Pro 3

A few weeks later, however, only the Surface Pro 3 was released, putting the Surface Mini rumor to rest. Until now.

A Windows Central report claims that the site got its hands on photos of the actual device. We can’t validate the claim, but WC’s tips and sources have been quite accurate in the past.

Surface Mini Photos | Windows Central
Surface Mini Photos | Windows Central

The Surface Mini never made it to the Surface Pro 3 launch event, but here’s what WC says the specs would have looked like: an 8-inch display, runs Windows RT 8.1, sports a Snapdragon 800 processor, has 1GB of RAM, dual-band WiFi, 32GB of storage and a screen resolution of 1140×1080 pixels.

We’re not likely to see tablets of that size from Microsoft, but there are indications that the company may release multiple sizes of Windows 10 cellular devices later this year.

But the Surface Mini is never going to see the light of day, not with unimpressive specs like that. Yes, that’s from way back in 2014, but anything similar that Microsoft releases now is sure to be very, very different from what the Surface Mini was supposed to be.

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