Two Awesome New Microsoft Edge Extensions for Power Downloaders and YouTube Fanatics

Extensions for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, the default web browser on Windows 10, has two new extensions: GetThemAll (GTA) and Enhancer for YouTube.  Last year, Microsoft had spoken about extensions for Edge, but not many quality ones were released since then. After a long wait, the extensions are now available in the Windows Store.

GetThemAll (GTA)

GTA is a download management software for Microsoft Edge that will help users who are tired of searching for tons of files, and then looking for options to download each file. GTA helps the user overcome this problem by scrutinizing the web page using built-in filters, and then providing the direct download links. In other words, it helps users download the files available on the page  – they need only choose what’s to be downloaded. The user can then download the files directly to their PC at a later time. The files can be downloaded from different sources, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many more.

This is a great extension for power downloaders that just need the job done without a fuss.

Enhancer for YouTube

With YouTube Enhancer, the user can experience many add-on features that will improve the YouTube experience on Microsoft Edge. It provides high customization for YouTube and, at the same time, it’s very easy-to-use. One of the most important features is that it will remove advertisements from videos. It also has a better cinema mode and can automatically enlarge the video player, including resolution preference. It also helps control the volume through the mouse wheel. Users can also pin the video player to the top so it’s visible no matter what application you switch to.

It’s a smart app that is great for people who spends several hours a day on YouTube. Enhancer for YouTube is now available in store after several bug fixes. When you follow a web link to the YouTube channel, and the pre-set resolution settings are pretty impressive.

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