The Best Online Games: From Classics to Online Casinos to AR Gaming

Best Online Games

Computer gaming wasn’t always as easy to access as it is today. Players would need an expensive computer before consoles made games available to the masses, but even then gaming was limited to somewhere with a power outlet and a TV screen.

Incredible leaps in technology and events like the mobile revolution as well as unprecedented internet access and massively advanced smart devices have opened the door to high quality 24/7 gaming anywhere with either Wi-Fi or 3/4G availability.

Thanks to a these new technologies, a multi-billion dollar gaming market has allowed game developers to release a plethora of online experiences. To make sense of some of the best options, we’ve put together a short guide to some of the best online games out there.

Pokémon Go

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Pokémon took the world by storm almost two decades ago when collectors were hunting down creatures on Gameboy and swapping Pokémon cards with their friends. Nintendo took a huge leap into the future last year with Pokémon Go, a massively-multiplayer augmented reality app that allowed big and small kids to hunt down virtual monsters in their local areas. The game has had a few updates and is now one of the slickest online games that gets better the more places you visit. As well as enjoying the game, you can also get pretty fit by walking around looking for your next Pokémon.

Online Poker

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Although poker has been around for literally hundreds of years, online poker changed everything when it reached PC gamers back in the 1990s. Although the first online poker rooms were fairly basic, technology and faster internet speeds have allowed developers to create incredible 3D experiences that often look better than a visit to an actual casino. Well-established sites like 888poker offer a huge range of online games that can be played 24/7, with features like live casino making gameplay more engaging. Their comprehensive guide to poker is ideal for beginners, and will help newbies to avoid the pitfalls experienced by many new players who fall victim to sharks.


Although FIFA can be played without an internet connection, online matches are where skills are really tested. Ultimate Team is the obsession of so many football fans when the latest edition of the game is released annually, as players buy and sell cards using virtual currency to build a side that won’t be demolished by a child halfway across the world in minutes. There is a mobile version of the Ultimate Team feature for iOS and Android, but it doesn’t really compare to the console experience.

Candy Crush

This game is truly dangerous. Despite being something of a digital antique, Candy Crush still rides high on app store charts and is showing no signs of dying anytime soon, despite the game developer starting to lose interest in creating more content. The gameplay was pretty original when it came out, but it is the community element which keeps it alive. When players aren’t using Facebook to beg for more lives, they are competing with their friends to see who can go the furthest before hitting level 2000.