Galaxy Note 8 Cutting Battery Capacity to 3300mAh, Is Note 7 the Culprit?

Galaxy Note 8 battery cut to 3300mAh

Samsung looks like it’s being extra-cautious with the Galaxy Note 7 that’s coming out soon. A new report from the supply chain shows that battery capacity is being cut to 3300mAh, which is less than the 3500mAh on the Galaxy Note 7 from last year as well as the larger Galaxy S8+ from earlier in 2017.

While this move could certainly be seen as a precautionary one, it does throw a cloud over the battery life on the new Galaxy Note 8. The 6.3-inch screen is possibly the biggest battery sink for the new $1100 smartphone, but 6GB of RAM and dual 12MP camera sensors aren’t going to be light on power draw either.

The Galaxy S8 sports a 3000mAh battery and lasts for about a day and a half, so the 3300mAH on the Galaxy Note 8 should last at least a day. However, it might take a few software tweaks to make sure it at least provides day-long discharge. Otherwise, there may be some consumer backlash, considering the ultra-premium pricing that the Note 8 is expected to come with.

While the Note 7 debacle could, in part, be the reason for toning down battery capacity on its successor, another plausible explanation is all that extra space being eaten up by the massive 6.3-inch screen on a device that is relatively the same size as the Galaxy S8+ with its 6.2-inch screen. When you add the S Pen, lack of bezel, the need for a thin design and other factors, you can see why the battery might have been sacrificed.

Be that as it may, the Snapdragon 835 on the Galaxy Note 8 could provide enough of a power-efficiency boost to provide that day-long battery life that everyone now expects from Samsung as the baseline performance for its 2017 smartphones.

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