iOS 10 Jailbreak: Cydia Tweak for Scheduling Messages – Kairos 2 for iPhone

iOS 10 Jailbreak tweak

Cydia tweaks are still flowing in every day for iOS 10, although possibly not as copiously as before. Still, you’ll see some fantastic jailbreak tweaks from developers all over the world if you keep your eyes open. Today, we’re showcasing Kairos 2, a message scheduling tweak developed by CPDigitalDarkroom.

What is Kairos?

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to get all your daily messages and reminders done in one go, Kairos is probably what you wanted all along. This neat Cydia tweak for iOS 10 lets you write messages and then schedule them for any date and time in the future.

How does that help? Imagine an upcoming birthday or a project deadline that your colleagues need to be reminded about a week in advance. Use Kairos to schedule those, and then stop worrying about them.

This is the second major release for Kairos.

Kairos 2 Features

Schedule Repeated Canned Messages

Need to bug a colleague daily about an important task? Simply pick your message, choose a time range when you want the message sent daily, and Kairos 2 will randomize the sent time of the message every day, so it doesn’t look to the recipient like you’re using a scheduling tool. Simple. Brilliant.

Smart Airplane Mode Toggle

Have you scheduled a message while you’re on a plane or in a movie theater? No worries, Kairos 2 has a feature that will temporarily disable airplane mode to send the message, then enable it again. This is something you might want to have ‘always on’ since you can often forget about scheduled messages when you turn on airplane mode.

Smart Battery Send

Running low on battery? Turn on this feature to immediately send any messages scheduled for within an hour as soon as your battery level drops below a particular threshold you’ve set. Set it for about 10 percent, and you won’t have to worry about your message not being sent.

If you have a jailbroken iOS 10 device, this is the app for you. It is available on the BigBoss Cydia repo for $2.99, but it’s free if you already have Kairos; all you need to do is send your Cydia ID to the developer.

Add to your Cydia sources; package for Kairos 2

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