Browse Even Faster on Google Chrome 59 with This Major Android Update

Google Chrome WebGL 2.0 support

Google Chrome 59 is the current version on desktop and mobile. It is a blazing fast experience, but that has just been given a 10% boost with the new V8 JavaScript engine on a new update that is rolling out to users. But there’s a catch: the new update is only available for Android at the moment, and there’s no telling when, if at all, it might drop to desktop and iOS users.

The V8 JavaScript engine, also known as Chrome V8 works differently from traditional methods. It directly compiles JavaScript to machine code for execution, while also optimizing the code at runtime. Chrome V8 on Google Chrome 59 for Android is dropping as an update to the current version, and is available to update from Google Play Store. Versioning may differ based on your device and location.

Google Chrome 59 also brought some significant Material Design changes, as well as using native macOS notifications rather than Chrome notifications. It also brought in the Image Capture API so developers can have their apps access all of the device’s camera settings.

Google Chrome has long been the world’s most popular browser, and its current market share stands at over 59 percent. The number two and three spots are taken by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, but even the combined market share of those two browsers from Microsoft are less than 20 percent. Safari has lost ground as well, going from nearly 5 percent in June last year to slightly over 3.5 percent a year later, in June 2017.

There’s no doubt that Google Chrome is the king of browsers, and a very likely explanation for that is its deep integration with many of Google’s services, not the least of which is Google Search. Even Google Drive has much more functionality on Google Chrome than on other browsers, and it’s very likely that Google will keep it that way indefinitely.

If you haven’t yet received the update to Google Chrome 59 for your Android device, don’t worry; global rollouts generally happen in stages, so you should be getting it soon.

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