Google Chrome Still Browser King in June 2017, Microsoft Edge at 5.6 Percent

Google Chrome 57 and Chrome 58

June has come and gone, and it is now time to take a look at the browser market for a snapshot of who’s where. Google still tops the charts at a whopping 59.49 percent market share, with Microsoft struggling on two fronts: a declining Internet Explorer and a not-yet-prolific Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome’s dominance has much to do with the fact that its browser is deeply integrated with several of its key services like Search, Drive and Maps. The company has created a very effective ecosystem around its core search product, so Google Chrome is naturally the first choice for users.

As for Microsoft, the declining use of Internet Explorer and the very slow growth of Microsoft Edge adoption vis-a-vis the Windows 10 install base is a sign that it is losing market share to other browsers, including Google Chrome. Almost a year ago, in August 2016, Google Chrome only held 53.97 percent market share of desktop browsers. In June, that shot up to 59.49 percent.

During that same period, IE’s market share dropped from 27.38 percent down to 16.84 percent, a loss of more than 10 percent. On the other hand, Microsoft Edge has been stuck at between 5 and 6 percent. That can only mean that a significant number of IE users have moved to Google Chrome and Firefox.

Apple’s Safari isn’t faring any better, losing market share from 4.28 percent to the current 3.72 percent.

Clearly, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the clear growth entities in this segment, while a few percentage points have collectively been picked up by other browsers, including open source browsers.

Google Chrome desktop browser market share June 2017
Source: NetMarketShare

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