Samsung’s Top Secret Exynos VR III Virtual Reality Headset Leaked by Partner?

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A Samsung partner company has quite possibly just spilled the beans on a major VR project called the Exynos VR III, a virtual reality headset that has eye and hand tracking features. The company in question, Visual Camp, issued a press release with this photo of the third-generation prototype.

Samsung Exynos VR III

As you can see, the display on the Samsung tablet right next to the device shows that there has been at least one predecessor to the Exynos VR III, the Mark II.

The device was actually showcased at a private session during Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 from June 28 to July 1, but this is probably the first look at the device for most of us.

The 10nm Exynos 8890 System-on-Chip with ARM Mali-G71 graphics is powerful enough to support a single 4K display at 75fps, or dual WQHD+ displays at 90fps. Along with the gaze-tracking technology developed by Visual Camp, the Exynos VR III will also have hand and gesture tracking, voice recognition and facial expression recognition.

Visual Camp’s technology includes something called ‘foveated rendering,’ which means that part of the display being viewed will have better rendering than the surrounding areas.

One of the key features of this new VR headset from Samsung is that it is a standalone device, meaning no tethering via bothersome cables. That’s been one of the biggest challenges so far in VR and AR hardware, and something that even Microsoft thinks is a few years away.

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Obviously, since there’s no official information from Samsung, we don’t yet know how close to production this prototype really is. But now that the cat is out of the bag, we can expect something official from Samsung soon enough.

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