1 Million Rides Per Day is an Up-Lyft-ing Experience, but Uber Grows Unabated

Lyft 1 million rides per day milestone reached; Uber

Lyft, founded in 2012, recently marked one million rides per day and announced the milestone in a blog post alongside other achievements. 

The company has shown 100 percent growth over the last four years, with its presence in 160 new cities so far. With this, the company reaches 360 communities and 80 percent of the US population, while its bigger competitor Uber is in more than 70 countries and 460 cities. Though Lyft has shown steady progress, it still has a long way to go before it catches up with Uber.  

Uber has already marked the one million rides per day milestone in 2014, and a year ago was giving an average of 5.5 million rides a day.  

Recent reports show that Uber has surpassed its five billion rides, though it has taken a hit. Per last month’s Business Insider report, Uber’s market share dipped from 84 percent (earlier this year) to 77 percent by the end of May, and Lyft has shown substantial growth in activations in the week after #DeleteUber campaign. 

During this campaign, Lyft beat Uber in term of downloads on iOS devices for the first time. From January to May, 95% of its downloads on iOS and Google Play happened in the U.S, against only 15% of Uber’s downloads. 

The various scandals, along with declining customer satisfaction, don’t seem to be affecting Uber’s overall business. 

Lyft is trying to position this milestone as a significant mark for its own upward movement and rapid expansion. 

Lyft continuous to raise its hospitality services in every possible form to ensure its ride-sharing is the most memorable one for its customers. It also stated: “as we grow and more people choose Lyft we continue to remain focused on the best services.” 

Lyft is working on self-driving cars, like its rival. It is also working on partnering to expand its global footprint.

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