What are Nokia and Carl Zeiss Planning for the Nokia Android Generation?

Nokia Carl Zeiss camera technology collaboration

Here is something interesting coming up for Nokia phone users – Nokia’s future phones will pack a stellar camera. Nokia has rekindled an old partnership with Zeiss, an imaging expert and a world class lens manufacturer for high-end cameras.  Zeiss makes lenses for every single high-end professional Sony camera.

The collaboration will be focused on camera tech, sensors, and software – the whole package. Everything and anything they do around the lens and sensors.

It is not the first time for this partnership; the team has partnered in the past as well.

Nokia and Carl Zeiss worked together on the Nokia N series, which preceded the more recent Lumia line. Now, it is bringing back the Zeiss branding on Nokia-branded phones.

In the Lumia series, it showcased some experimental technology which resulted in PureView. PureView is a range of premium smartphone cameras exclusively for Lumia series. The camera enjoyed some critical acclaim at the time because it attempted to push boundaries with features like a 41MP camera on the Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 1020. Both phones still hold the record for the highest resolution image sensor in any smartphone released till date. 

The partnership term seems to be very long accordingly to HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer Pekka Rantala, though no time frame was specified.

Dual cameras, on the other hand, are “a very interesting idea,” Rantala said. “This will give new possibilities for a player like Nokia to possibly explore new experiences.”

Though the information available is scarce regarding the timeframe, at least we know something is in store from Nokia and Carl Zeiss that’s going to blow our minds.

For now, HMD’s focus is purely on selling Nokia 3, 5 and 6, but it’s on a happy note that Nokia has revealed some interesting ideas that customers can look forward to in the upcoming Nokia Android series.

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