Choosing an Apple MacBook is often a bit confusing, what with the available models, multiple configuration options, and different price tags. The MacBook Air, a favorite of many, hasn’t seen any significant update in the past year.

Apple’s choices for the less exclusive market have never been the focal point, but now that the new upgraded models come with more firepower, there’s an entire line of more affordable MacBook Air and MacBook Pro devices.

In 2015, MacBook came up with a 12-inch super-portable laptop with only one port – the USB-C connecting to peripherals, displays, and charging. It had high definition retina screen and a long battery. The following year, the MacBook Pro, a lightweight was introduced with the OLED Touch Bar. Though MacBook created a market for itself with that product, it lacked in retina screen and looked a little outdated by comparison.

Last month, Apple again updated its entire laptop series, giving a speed boost to devices including MacBook Air. Now, MacBook Pro has just gotten a lot cheaper with the full-ahead push on refurbished MacBook Pro line.

Apple recently also dropped the price of the entry-level MacBook Pro, so for the same £1,249, you can now get a powerful machine with a bigger screen and an extra USB-C port. It has a 10-hour battery life, although when it comes to video playback, the MacBook can stretch that out an extra couple of hours longer than the Pro.

The 12-inch MacBook excels in portability. It is an envelope-thin and light with good battery life, small enough to fit any bag, backpack or handbag. However, you may have to sacrifice keyboard size for portability. The 13-inch MacBook provides well balanced between portability and usability. And the 15-inch, most popular in size, is good enough as a desktop replacement.

On the software front, MacBook hasn’t got anything new. However, a public beta of macOS High Sierra is already available, and the final version is coming in the fall.

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