This Beast of a Smartphone Costs $1600 for a Titanium Finish and Glass-less 3D

RED Hydrogen One Smartphone

RED, known for its high-end cameras, is an American company manufacturing digital cinematography and photography cameras and accessories. RED’s new Hydrogen One smartphone line-up is expected to have two models – $1200 for the aluminum model and $1600 for titanium.  The titanium is projected to be more expensive than RED’s least expensive camera.  I am sure for the extra price it will have some goodies in store.

It is an Android OS smartphone referred to as a “holographic media machine” for viewing and capturing “multi-dimensional” imagery. That means they’re not even branding it as a smartphone. Smart move.

Algorithms will be used to convert stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio to add to the immersive experience. The phone will support RED’s extensive lineup of digital cinema cameras.

For connectivity, charging and storage, the phone uses a USB-C port, and has an expandable MicroSD card slot.

The company says the phone will be ready for shipping in early 2018; it is currently available for preorder on the company website. The company indicates that the phone’s design may change, along with price variations, at the time of release.

The device uses nanotechnology to switch between multiple types of content, including traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games.

Looks like the device will have a glasses-free 3D display. The 3D system apparently relies on face-tracking to give viewers 3D perspectives, though nothing is confirmed by RED on how the devices look. As of now, there aren’t any demos available to comment further.  We have to wait until it hits the market to get a more real experience.

Being a camera company, the device is said to devote more attention to updating the camera attachment for the device, which also can be used as a control center for its professional camera systems. Also, it has given importance to audio; it is adding its own proprietary audio format for “multi-dimensional” audio to match the holographic content. The source confirms that the Hydrogen One will have a headphone jack.

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