Microsoft 365 Unifies Office 365, Windows 10, Mobility and Security for Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Dynamics 365

In an attempt to unify Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Security into a package offering for enterprises, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has announced two key products: Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business.

The new products were launched this morning at Microsoft’s Inspire partner conference alongside the general availability announcement for Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Azure Stack, which allows enterprises to deploy a Microsoft cloud environment on-site.

Microsoft 365 will be available from the current quarter, said Nadella. Both variants will feature a centralized control console for IT administrators that gives them full control over mobile device management and identity management.

As for Azure Stack, launch partners Dell EMC, HP Enterprise, and Lenovo are now taking orders for the on-premise IaaS solution from Microsoft.

The other key partner service announced today was Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This CRM-ERP platform in its newly integrated avatar is possibly the first significant product offering to come out of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn last year for $26.2 billion. Integrating the two products has given Microsoft the ability to apply AI methodologies to its cloud capabilities, while LinkedIn provides the data and resources required to match salespeople with potential prospects.

The product is called Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution and brings Dynamics 365 for Sales together with Sales Navigator Team Edition at a price of $135 per seat per month.

Microsoft intends to infuse AI into all of its current and future products. This new product already leverages data from LinkedIn with the company’s AI compute capabilities and delivers it via the cloud. Future products are likely to use the same kind of data-AI integration to provide enterprises with more intelligent tools to manage their businesses with.

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