7 Google Chrome Extensions that Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Google Chrome extension for saving money

Online shopping is becoming more trendy and convenient by the day. It is a click away and can be done at home in your casual attire. Everything is available online, be it technology or groceries. Besides being convenient, online deals offers are a plus because they can save you a significant amount of money each year.

Now, things are about to get a whole lot better with a number of Google Chrome extensions that help the buyer save even more. It just takes a few minute to install the apps and to get a hang of using them. Even with just a few bucks saved here and there, it can add up to quite a bit.

Here are the top Google Chrome extension recommendations:

Honey, the most user-friendly extension, takes the best deal by default. It does not require any manual tracking for best codes and offers.

Invisible Hand does what it does quietly. At the back end, it silently helps the browser get the lowest price on shopping, car rentals, flights and hotels. During the search, a notification will provide the link directly to the lowest-priced website. Currently, the notification does not appear for every single product or retailer, as the team is still working on wider coverage to ensure the best possible user experience.

PriceZombie plays a very key role in price-tracking a particular product that the buyer is browsing for. It shows the high and the low price track, with a notification when the cost of the particular item drops.

Coupons At Checkout will be a life saver for those shopping in a hurry. It makes it simpler when it comes to adding the coupon. It automatically includes the coupon, deal and the code when required.

Wallaby helps credit cards holders pick up the best deals for their cards. That way, you’re always using the right card to maximize reward and zero in on cash-back deals.

CouponCabin Sidekick: This extension sends real-time notifications of coupons and cash-back opportunities while searching for a specific product, including at online stores.

Offers.com is a pretty straightforward app which helps find the best deal the buyer is looking for.

These Google Chrome extensions are called aggregator apps because most of them aggregate vast amounts of information from various websites to give you the best possible deal every time. Not all of them work all the time, but these seven extensions are among the best possible tools you can get for Google Chrome.

The concept is to reward – save while you shop. And the purpose of each of these Google Chrome extensions is exactly that.