iOS 10.3.x Jailbreak Alternatives, Tried the zJailbreak Semi-Jailbreak Yet?


If you’re tired of waiting for an iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak – or even the one Pangu has up its sleeve for iOS 10.3.1 – your time of waiting is over. While there is still no public version of an iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak yet (KeenLab’s working JB tool might never be released), there is an alternative way to get third-party apps on your iPhone or iPad. zJailbreak offers a viable alternative to fully jailbreaking your device.

The installation process is very simple for zJailbreak. All you do is head over to the website using your Safari browser on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 6G and follow the instructions for installation after tapping on “Install Now.”

If your device is compatible, you’ll be directed to the installation page. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to try downloading and installing zJailbreak on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but it might work.

Once you’re done with the installation, you can install any number of apps from several third-party app stores, as outlined below:

DreamStore  Install awesome iOS theme launches collection, exclusively with zJailbreak.
 Googios  Excellent theme collection for Google app themes for the iOS device.
 Ifaceskins  Get the Facebook themes to your iOS device with zJailbreak, It’s the First time of the world.
 Sylorix  Install upcoming iOS versions before Apple releases them.
 iDIY  iDIY contains awesome theme collection.
 OS Store  Collections of ComputerOSes and Simulators.
 Loofamai  The ultimate collection of iOS prank apps. Loofamai is the only way to install iOS prank apps for iOS Exclusively with zJailbreak.
 FND Store  FND Store is an alternative to the default Apple app store. It contains more than 2.2 million apps installation links. The coolest thing is it is easier than to handle default Apple app store.
 Hopy  Massive collection of games to your iOS the device. No in-app purchase as the App store or no ad-disturbances as online gaming
 YIV  YIV contains the collection of games which are not available at Appstore. Play Banned, and unapproved games, and 2nd version of popular app store games.
 Cyjon  Cyjon is an app store which contains popular 3rd party applications.
 iOS EMUS  The collection of emulator Apps/Games for your iOS device.
 Cydia  Cydia is the default application manager of the Jailbroken iOS devices. You can install the non-rooted zJailbreak Cydia app.
 Tweakbox  The Popular Jailbreak App Store for your iOS device. Download Apps, Games and tweaks for free.
 Zestia  A collection of third party apps and hacked games, all apps are free.
As you can see, even without rooting your device (Jailbreaking, for those who’ve never owned anything other than an iPhone!), you can get all the themes, wallpapers and apps that you’ll ever need – and then some.
Although zJailbreak was never intended as a replacement for a root-access jailbreak, it’s probably got everything you always wanted for your iDevice. Games, apps, emulators, hacked apps and even pre-release iOS versions.

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