Windows 10 Mobile Gets Nothing but Bug Fixes in Latest Insider Build 15230

Windows 10 Mobile Build 15230

As expected, Windows 10 Mobile, the unloved child of Microsoft Windows, has received an Insider build update with nothing more than a few bug fixes. Build 15230 fixes a VPN profile issue, a notification issue for fitness bands and Called ID matching problems for Japan and Denmark. That’s it.

We’ve known for some time that Windows 10 Mobile is now parked in the Feature2 branch of new builds, which means an inevitable dead end. But Microsoft has refused to budge from its position of “we still support Windows 10 Mobile” despite the obvious end-of-play scenario unfurling before our eyes.

We do know that Microsoft is apparently building a new mobile device with a new version of Windows 10 Mobile, but not much is known about that secretive project other than the fact that CShell, the ‘composable shell’ that will unify Windows 10 on all types of devices, is still very buggy.

We also know that not all current Windows 10 Mobile devices will be allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The earlier version, Windows 10 Creators Update, already dropped support for several Lumia smartphones, and it’s reasonable to expect the FCU to follow suit with ever more models being dropped.

The only silver lining is that UWP apps are still growing in number, and the bulk of them are constantly getting bug fixes, feature improvements and security updates. For now, Windows 10 Mobile device users are forced to survive on meager rations from Microsoft.

Windows 10 Mobile users can also expect support for their devices to eventually end, the way it did two days ago for Windows Phone 8.1. Post support stoppage, you’re basically on your own in terms of security and other updates.

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Source: Microsoft