Xbox One Summer Deals, and How Project Scorpio became Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Gamers! It is time to grab a new console or get some great discounted games. Looking for a great deal this summer? Here’s something interesting for all the gamers out there: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are all offering some rare discounts to its customer. Sony and Nintendo have already slashed prices on various consoles.

Last week, Microsoft started its summer sale on new and old releases. Among the new releases – Doom ($42), Dark Souls III ($45), The Division ($40), Quantum Break ($45) and others. Get Fallout 4 at a discount of $30, and Watch Dogs at a ridiculously priced $12. Also, Xbox 360’s Red Dead Redemption is available for $7.50, WWE 2K16 for $20 and they have much more in store.

Microsoft has also put out some new Xbox One deals, and is offering the 500 GB Minecraft Favorites Xbox One bundle for $250, available only in white, and the 500 GB Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundled for only $270 for both white and gray consoles.

$10 off for a three-month Xbox Live Gold membership and $10 off an Xbox One controller with the purchase of either console.

These game deals are valid until July 22 – Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4 for only $30 each.

Microsoft hasn’t stopped with this – more on its way. Soon, it is expected to announce the next batch of weekly Xbox Live deals.

While the deals are impressive, gamers are eagerly waiting for the Xbox One X which is to be available in November this year. There are a lot of discussions going around on the console, including its features and even the name.

Though Microsoft officially announced the name to be “Project Scorpio”, it is said to have dropped it to retain its root as Xbox, Head of Operation McCarthy stated during an interview with MCV.

McCarthy said they had no doubt the name Scorpio was a great name for the game, but they also believed that the original Xbox was based on real technical innovation:

“So it didn’t take us long to land on the X name. It spoke to us, it meant something in our history. So, as a team, we gravitated to the name pretty quickly. But I like Scorpio as a project code name as well.”


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