AT&T Makes Major Moves into Cloud, DirecTV Now Getting Cloud DVR

AT&T DirecTV Now Moves to the Cloud

AT&T is launching the next-generation cloud platform for DirectTV to support all its consumer video services.

AT&T acquired DirecTV two years ago, and since then the team has been working to improve the platform at a fast pace. The new interface of a single video platform will allow AT&T to speed up their releases and will help compete with other streaming services. The new platform will eventually have a single base for its entire width of services – whether internet-served like DirecTV Now, satellite-provided like DirectTV, U-verse IPTV or NFL Sunday Ticket.

AT&T, the telecom giant, offers broadband and pay TV via U-verse. Also, programming on DirecTV and streaming services. With the next generation release, DirecTV Now will start migrating all of its video offerings to the cloud-based platform.

The new release will patch one of the important missing features – allowing AT&T to launch a cloud DVR for DirecTV Now. This year’s release also includes live TV pausing and paternal (Oops, parental) control. More features like user profiles, downloadable content and 4K Ultra HD with HDR are scheduled to launch in 2018.

David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer at AT&T, said the company is heading towards software-centric services.

With the release of the mobile companion app, DirecTV Now will get an upgrade. And AT&T is also working on redesigning DirecTV Now, as it aims to have a consistent design across its mobile video apps.

The statement made by Rodriguez, VP and CTO, to Engadget about the new interface’s release:

If you look at the work we’ve done on DirecTV Now, it’s been very successful on Apple TV and so you can think of this as a continuation of that transition.”

The company is working towards releasing the said features by end of the year. A beta test will begin soon. The new interface will be released to invited beta testers from DirecTV Now subscribers this summer, before the public launch.

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