Several iPhone 8 Features “Confirmed” via Schematics from Apple Supply Chain

iPhone 8

As of earlier today, several features of Apple’s iPhone 8 have been “confirmed”, says Forbes. Working with case designer Nodus, Forbes has managed to get its hands on schematics of iPhone 8, and some of the long-rumored features are finally confirmed.

The dual camera will be vertically aligned, and this is to enable a better AR experience on iPhone 8 since the device will typically be held in landscape mode while viewing AR content. But the vertical alignment could also indicate an easier way to capture video that can later be used as AR content, such as layering the video on a different background and so on.

The second feature that was confirmed in the CAD drawings is the near-zero bezels on iPhone 8. There will also be no physical home button, and the notification area at the top will get a tweak because of the placement of the front camera and other sensors in that area.

Also confirmed (from inference) is the continuance of the Lightning port, which means no USB-C despite Apple’s move into this type of connectivity with MacBooks.

There’s still quite a bit that’s not known about iPhone 8, such as how much battery capacity it will have and whether or not 3D facial recognition can actually replace Touch ID as a biometric security measure. We also don’t have confirmation of its $1000 starting price, how the A11 chip is going to perform, what new camera tech has been integrated and so on.

But at least we know that this is what iPhone 8 is going to look like. That’s got to be worth something.

iPhone 8 running iOS 11

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