Amazon Rumored to be Working on Anytime App for Messaging, Video and More


Amazon is reported to be working on a standalone messaging app called Anytime.

With the growing need for integrated messaging solutions, Amazon felt the need for a more customized app to engage the modern user. Anytime, a full-featured standalone messaging app for desktops, PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart watches is designed with everything a user looks for in a messaging app, and a whole lot more.

Amazon started surveying users to understand the most important features for them. Nothing has been unveiled by Amazon, but one of the users told AFTV News that the survey suggested the service is ready for launch.

The whole lot of user requirements are considered, starting from contacting friends with their name without their phone numbers, to sharing fun photos with filters, to engaging in secure and private chats, to compatibility with desktops, iPhones, and Android devices.

Anytime also allows group chats with image sharing and video chat, high-quality audio and video calls, playing games, and engaging with other Amazon services linked to listening to music, food ordering and splitting a bill and so on, as well as the ability to interact with businesses.

Reaching out to friends with their names alone will come with a great relief to users, as finding phone numbers to add to your contact list was always one of the biggest hurdles.

Anytime allows users to chat privately and securely by encrypting messages, much the way bank account details and other sensitive information is protected.

To make people’s lives easier, the app supports ordering food together and splitting bills among friends. For now, it is unclear how this will work; it could resemble Venmo, a similar feature on Facebook Messenger and Gmail that’s owned by PayPal. Apple is also working on person-to-person payment using their Touch ID.

Amazon already has its fingers into building messaging services, both for enterprises and consumers.

The Anytime app has similar technology used in Chime, announced earlier this year. Chime is a communication service for enterprise users, while “Anytime” is designed for regular users. Amazon has also launched a messaging and calling feature for Alexa-enabled devices called Alexa Calling.

As an expansion, it makes a lot of sense for Amazon to develop a standalone app, and “Anytime” is a natural progression along that path.

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