The Rise and Rise of the Humble Smiley: World Emoji Day in Perspective

Apple new emojis iOS 11

July 17 is World Emoji Day, and records show that five billion Emojis are sent every day just on Facebook Messenger alone, and still counting.

Emoji! We’ve all used them to express emotions when we write. No doubt, it is a great way to tell someone how you’re feeling.

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple will be adding new Emojis to their existing list. The new Emojis will be rolled out this autumn and will be compatible with iOS, Mac, and Watch, which leads us to believe it will come with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra because the schedules match.

Emoji originated on Japanese mobile phones in late 1990 and became increasingly popular worldwide as internet technology advanced. The word “Emoji” is derived from Japanese words e – (picture) and moji (for the character). Emoji emerged as a textual expression, turning into full-fledged animated faces and symbols.

The collection of little characters is constantly expanding since it started helping portray our emotions easily. In 2000, a library of over 1000 smiley graphics was released into the world, and ever since it has been continuously growing – there is no device without an Emoji. Emoji has made expressions simpler and easier like never before.

Tip: Here’s a cool Emoji Guide for you.

We’re back to ancient ways of communicating in pictures, but with more advanced with technology. In Ancient days, when alphabetic languages did not exist, communication was typically image-based. and now we’re back to the same thing but we use technology to achieve the same effect.

It is an amazing way of sharing what you feel – and making people laugh in the process. With over 1000 Emojis available, you should start using more of these and fewer words. With the rapid rate of emoji growth, that’s actually possible now.

The most popular Emojis on social networks are smileys and gestures. In the US, the rolling on the floor symbol and kisses are popular, the heart-related ones are popular in UK, Thailand, Canada, and Brazil.

Emojis have become so influential that even big brands are using them to advertise their products and services.

So if you want to say something, don’t use boring words. Say it with a 🙂