Artificial Intelligence Trends 2017: The Future of AI, Today

AI - artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence no longer refers to some vague and obscure research experiment conducted in the dungeons of university laboratories. It is a very real and present entity that is rapidly changing our lives. For the better? That remains to be seen.

Some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies are spending billions of dollars on artificial intelligence applications for daily life. Microsoft, for example, is committed to bringing AI into every software product they create. Google is deep into DeepMind and its practical applications. IBM’s Watson is struggling to get out of its box and make its presence felt at on-site locations. Smart products with voice-activated digital assistants are proliferating like rats and rabbits.

Where is this all taking us in the future? What’s in store for AI, and for us as consumers? Which areas of our lives will be impacted by smart software and hardware? Is AI good for us or will it destroy us? What about our jobs – are we all going to be replaced by robots some day?

These are burning questions that are becoming more urgent by the day. And some people are confident they have the answers. In some cases, there’s even evidence to show that they could be right.

Here is a small collection of what’s going on in the world of AI, with expert predictions on how it will grow in the future and impact nearly every facet of human life. You might not agree with the trends and opinions in these articles, but there’s no denying that something is happening. And it definitely deserves our attention.

Knowledge is the best kind of preparation, so here’s some great information to get you up to speed on what’s happening in AI and what the future of AI means for us – human beings.

On with the show:

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