Latest iPhone 8 Chassis Leak is from an Abandoned Prototype, Keep Guessing

iPhone 8 latest image leak shows chassis with cut-out for fingerprint sensor

iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s most high-end device, expected to release this fall. A recent image leak of the metal chassis reveals that it includes a conspicuous hole below the Apple logo that is roughly the size of what could be the Touch ID sensor.

iPhone 8 latest image leak shows chassis with cut-out for fingerprint sensor

According to the image, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is now suggested to be on the rear of the device. Its position seems to be more consistent with a few past leaks, and also where fingerprint sensors are located on some rival Android devices like the Google Pixel.

The device will come with an OLED display similar to Samsung Galaxy smartphones but may use a slightly different software under the hood than Samsung’s Infinity Display.

However, recent leaks don’t include a rear Touch ID sensor, hence the possibilities are it could be built into the sleep/wake button or even replaced by 3D facial recognition, given the technology advancement. 3D facial recognition is already in Samsung Galaxy and if iPhone 8 adopts it, it becomes the first time we’ll see it in an iPhone.

The “iPhone 8”, also being called iPhone Pro, is expected to feature an edge-to-edge, 5.8-inch OLED screen, replacing a physical home button with a virtual one. Aside from 3D facial recognition, it may also include upgrades like wireless charging and a rear-facing laser for augmented reality and fast autofocus.

The iPhone 8 is said to be an all-screen Phone – the screen takes up almost the entire front portion of the phone. To get the maximum screen space possible, Apple might have relocated or embedded the sensors and buttons in the top and bottom bezels. The hearsay includes that this might be one of the reasons for its delay. It might have been a challenge to get enough screen space, say some, while others maintain that it is due to the fingerprint reader.

The company might have alternate designs as a fallback, as multiple reports have claimed production problems with embedding Touch ID. Moreover, we now know that the leaked chassis is from an abandoned prototype, but Apple could well rework the device to this version if the embedded sensor plans don’t work out.

Apple always launches its new iPhone with the updated version of iOS. Likewise, iPhone 8 and its smaller siblings iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will sport iOS 11 out of the box. Nobody knows when that box is actually arriving, but there you have it.

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