iPhone 8 Wireless Charging: Latest Rumors and Leaks

iPhone 8 wireless charging module 2

A recent image of what is supposed to be an Apple iPhone 8 component reveals wireless charging technology, according to Slashleaks. The image shows a coil designed for inductive wireless charging along with what could be an Apple Lightning socket to plug the charger into.

iPhone 8 wireless charging module 2

The image is not clear enough to see if the design is for an internal or external charging pad, but the charging coil in the center and the label identifying it as conforming to the Qi specification is definitely intended for wireless charging of some sort.

Since the exact source of the leaked image is unclear, and the image is blurred, it makes us wonder if the leak is from Apple’s supply chain or if it’s just another piece of fake news.

Though the information is from a reliable source, the blurring of the image leaves us speculating. If the renderer is confident about the image then the question is, why has it been blurred? Regardless, Slashleaks stands by the opinion that iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging.

Wireless charging is definitely an advantage, and provides flexibility to users so they can fuel up their phone by just placing the iPhone 8 on the wireless charging pad when not in use. At the same time, Android users reported that the wireless charging is slower compared to wired charging.

The rumors also suggest that iPhone 7S and 7S Plus may also come with the wireless charging pad.

Apple is expected to unbox all three phones – iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and 7S Plus – later this year, marking 10 years since the company launched its first smartphone.  All three phones are said to be packed with wireless charging capability.

There are several rumors around the availability of iPhone 8 – a report from DigiTimes says there is no delay and mass production has begun. Another report from Business Insider claims that iPhone 8 may not arrive until 2018 due to technical challenges, the major one being Touch ID. Another report claims that iPhone 8 supply will be limited.

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