Kaspersky Free: Essential Malware Protection for the Entire World by November

Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Lab, the renowned cyber security and antivirus solutions provider, has recently made an announcement promising total protection for your files and malicious activity on your PC at zero cost. The intention is to support users who can’t afford $50 for its paid products and to raise the level of protection on the Internet.

The product was officially launched on July 25 on the company’s 20th birthday. It is good to note the offer, but how many really need them? Windows 10, for example, comes with Windows Defender built in, and it does a fairly decent job of protecting user data and system integrity. Kaspersky, naturally, doesn’t agree.

The team claims to have been working on this release for one and half years with the pilot version in a few regions.

Dubbed Kaspersky Free, the antivirus package will come with the bare essentials: email, file and web antivirus, automatic updates, self-defense and so on. It ensures convenient and safe web surfing, and also works with USB sticks and other portable storage media. It also protects both phishing and infected files being run. In short, it covers all the bare bones required for your computer that you can’t do away with. Kaspersky Free detects cyber threats regardless of their origin or intention, but it does not interrupt advertising.

Additional features like Parental Control, Online Payment Protection, and VPN are reserved for the paid version – $50, justifiable. There are quite a few free antivirus options available that malware can slip through easily. Kaspersky’s offering comes with a claim that it does a better job than Windows Defender.

According to Eugene Kaspersky, the company’s founder and CEO, an increased number of installations of Kaspersky Free will further help enhance the service through machine learning.

Last year, the product was piloted in the Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus region of China, and in the Nordic countries. The team is proud to say that Kaspersky Free was installed several million times, increasing their market share.

The plan is to cover the globe in the span of the next four months, and the last wave is scheduled in November in Vietnam and Thailand.

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