Amazon Echo Users in the UK Can Now Order by Voice from Domino’s Pizza

dominos-pizza-alexa-echo-skill amazon echo

UK users of Amazon Echo smart speakers will now be able to talk to Domino’s Pizza’s own AI ordering assistant by asking Alexa to connect with it online. “Hey Alexa, launch Domino’s” will now automatically put you in conversation with Dom, with whom your can order your pie.

It’s not a very “intelligent” system for an AI-based utility because you’ll first need to download the Domino’s app and enable the “Easy Order” profile before you can use this voice command. We haven’t reached a point where you merely tell Alexa to set everything up for you.

The US has already had this feature since February 2016, but it’s only just rolling out to Amazon Echo devices in the United Kingdom. Domino’s also launched its “Pizza bot” last year so people could order directly from Facebook Messenger. But this is the first time in the UK that you’ll be able to order from Domino’s using nothing but your voice. And your money, of course.

Domino’s has been investing heavily in creative marketing and has even roped in Tony Holdway to head its marketing initiatives as of the end of last year. Holdway is formerly from the BHS marketing team.

For Amazon, this is merely one more command in a repertoire that is squarely headed for the 50,000 mark over the next few years. There are already close to 20,000 commands by now, and the list keeps growing as businesses rush to connect with millions of consumers right in their homes.

Amazon Echo might not be as smart as Google Home with its Google Assistant, but it’s certainly useful when it comes to integrating specific commands to automate a variety of processes. From controlling your smart home to getting you a cab to ordering you a pizza, Alexa is now capable of a lot more than just “Hey Alexa, how’s the weather?”

As developers around the world continue to create new Alexa Skills that can be used with voice commands, it will further strengthen Amazon’s ability to stay on top of this market for the foreseeable future. Google might have more AI muscle, but Amazon isn’t going to let this significant lead in a high-potential market slip from its grasp.

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