Apple Drops Strong Hints of a September Release, but Is It iPhone 8?

Tim Cook wants to double Apple's services segment revenues by the end of 2020

Several rumors have suggested that Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 is going to be delayed, but during its recent earnings call, the company did drop some strong hints about the upcoming release.

First of all, Apple has guided for $49 billion to $52 billion for the current quarter, which ends on September 30. That kind of revenue can only come from a new release. Second, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that Apple was going to have a “very exciting Fall.”

Second, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that Apple was going to have a “very exciting Fall.”

But that doesn’t necessarily mean iPhone 8 is going to be on schedule in early September. There are a couple of ways this could play out.

One possibility is that Apple will release iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus on schedule, and merely showcase iPhone 8’s form and features during the event. Availability of the two non-flagship models could come early, but iPhone 8 might only come after they’ve worked out all the wrinkles with the embedded fingerprint sensor and so on.

The other possibility is that iPhone 8 will be launched on schedule, but availability may be delayed. From the many rumors that have been floating around, we’ve been able to glean that there are technical snags, but that Apple may have already resolved these.

If there’s any delay, it has to be on iPhone 8 because the other two smartphone models aren’t expected to be major upgrades to last year’s flagships.

Tim Cook has also promised additional product launches “later this year”, but he could have been referring to the new iPads, two new iPod Touch variants, and new iMacs.

For now, the most reliable rumors suggest that everything is on schedule. But for which model? That’s the fuzzy part.

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