iPhone 8 Key Features Revealed in Apple HomePod Firmware Code

iPhone 8

Recent information about iPhone 8 reveals that Apple might choose to go with infrared-based face recognition for unlocking the device, letting go the need for a passcode or fingerprint. The same source also confirms the all-screen design that nearly does away with bezels around the screen display area.

While the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus may not be much different from previous models, the flagship iPhone for 2017 is expected to sport very different key specs from any other iPhone made so far.

The information, surprisingly, came from developers who examined the code for the upcoming HomePod speaker, which is due for release this year. Further examination of the firmware found an icon used to represent the D22 device. And the name of the new feature – Pearl ID for face recognition.

So far, this has been the most verifiable information received about iPhone 8. Much of the information around the new iPhone is either predictions from top analysts or leaks from the supply chain.

Though infrared was one of the elements in previous leaks, there’s no way to verify the authenticity of those sources. The recent discovery within the code is possibly the closest thing to reality.

The face recognition feature is not new, nor is the all-screen front. But Apple seems to be taking a new direction for iPhone design, bringing in fresh elements like OLED, zero bezel design, new biometric functions, wireless charging and a lot more. It’s not a first for smartphones, but it’s certainly an interesting direction for Apple.

It looks like we can expect these features to be standard on all future models of iPhone.

For now, all eyes are on how Apple implements the Touch ID feature. Will it be like Samsung’s, on the back of the device, have they figured out how to properly embed the sensor under the display or are they doing away with Touch ID on iPhone 8?

None of this is clear at this point, and information from different sources are in conflict with each other on this.

If iPhone 8 is released with the new facial recognition and all-screen technology, it will mark the biggest change in this smartphone since the introduction of the larger screen in 2014.

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