Pokemon Go Legendary: Try and Catch Moltres by Tomorrow, August 7


Niantic, after its recent unfortunate event, has launched a rare Legendary Pokemon called Moltres to overcome the past and to keep players occupied. Moltres is one of the three main Legendary birds that represents one of the three teams in Pokemon Go. It is said to be available until August 7 for players to catch.

Articuno, one of the legendary birds, is no longer available, and is said to be comfortably beaten by 8 while Lugia with 10 is still available. Moltres requires only six players due to existing Pokemon that are strong enough to defeat it.

This is one of the rarest Pokemon available in the game, and players only have until Monday to catch the fabled bird. In recent news, Moltres was unlocked in the reality app in raids, and has been brought down by two players in the UK on Tuesday.

A few fellow-players have released some tips on how to catch Moltres:

Moltres is only available during legendary battles, periodically each day, and it is unpredictable. So, the player has to stay eagle-eyed to know which gyms nearby have Raid battle timers ticking down – might be something you are looking for. The player has to use the pass to gain access to fight Moltres and the maximum members for the team is 20.

Player has to focus on its weaknesses using electric, water, and rock-type attacks so prepare a team with Pokemon who are well equipped.  Some of them are – Golem is preferred by most players as it is strong and easily defeats Rock-type. Others like Tyanitar and Rhydon are best for rock type and stone edge movements; and Omastar and Vaporeaon can’t go wrong in water. Kabutops is good for both – water and rock.

Also, as suggested by the company, having Suduwoodo and the dual-type Magcargo will also be of great help.

Once the player gets on the battle field he has to quickly realize the situation and use the right Pokemon to defeat the bird. After that, they can use Golden Razz Berries and toss out a few Premier Balls to capture Moltres easily.

With this, you will now have taken the Legendary Pokemon Moltres down. Zapdos is on its way and Lugia is still available if you haven’t captured it yet.

Players will not have unlimited chances to catch the rare Pokemon, but it isn’t very difficult if you are prepared with the right Pokemon to defeat it.

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