New Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition is a Tricky Console to Track Down


Nintendo revealed on August 3 that the SNES Classic Edition will be available for preorder, but little is known about actual availability. The Super NES Classic Edition system will have the original look and feel of the 90’s home console, but it’s smaller and comes preloaded with 21 games.

A few famous games among the 21 include classics like Metroid, Mario, Mega Man, Zelda, Castlevania, Mother Series and, most notably, Star Fox 2, a game that was never actually released.

After Walmart’s pre-order was cancelled, people were wondering about the next available option to order the console. On August 3, Nintendo announced that pre-orders would be available with major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop.  However, there isn’t much concrete information on when the console is likely to be made available.

Now, pre-orders are open in Australia through JB Hi Fi and EB Games for $120, and in the US it is likely to be up anytime. So, make sure you bookmark the landing pages of the retailers to get an update on the preorder. You may recall that Walmart’s NES Classic was up for sale without much advertisement, which left a lot of people disappointed because stocks ran out before many of them realized it was on sale.

Amazon has a page up for the SNES Classic and so do Best Buy and GameStop, but the pre-orders are yet to be opened. Ensure you bookmark the following links, and also sign up for notifications.


Best Buy


Nintendo has said the SNES Classic Edition will have surplus supply, unlike the NES Classic Edition, which faced severe supply shortages right up until production stoppage was announced in certain markets. You can also follow these retailers’ Twitter accounts to get an instant update.

There isn’t much information on the release date, though a few sources say that it is likely to be released this month.

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