Nintendo Switch Games Discount Bonanza is Open, Limited Time Deals

Nintendo Switch Games on Discount

Several Nintendo Switch games are on sale in the Wii U and 3DS Eshops, offering a rare opportunity to pick up new titles for the hugely famous handheld gaming system at a discounted price.

The Wii U, a home video game console developed by Nintendo, is the first console to support HR graphics, and is the eighth generation console from the Japanese gaming veteran. Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console that is capable of displaying stereoscopic 3D effects without 3D glass or any other additional accessories. Nintendo 3DS games will work on multiple systems, and the platform is home to tons of high-quality exclusive games which you can’t find anywhere else.

In the Eshop, Square Enix’s nostalgic RPG I AM Setsuna is available for $26.79; the original price is $40. Nintendo Switch owners can also pick up TumbleSeed, the “roll-y roguelike” that challenges players with balancing a seed while climbing up progressively more treacherous mountains, at $10 for a limited period – it is originally priced at $15. It has received good reviews on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows platforms.

More Kirby games are on sale in each console, marking its 25th anniversary, and the sale will last until August 8. Console owners can purchase Kirby Planet Robobot for $30, Kirby Triple Deluxe for $15 and Kirby’s Adventure for $5.24.  At the same time, Wii U owners can get discounts on various Kirby Virtual console titles like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror at $5.24 ($ 6.99), Kirby Squeak Squad at $7.49 ($ 9.99) and much more.

This week looks like a most happening week for Nintendo Switch with a lot of discounts. The company has released seven new titles, including Grand Theft Auto sendup Retro City Rampage. On August 10, a free demo of Monster Hunter XX is scheduled on the Japanese Eshop.

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