Xbox One to Finally Get Spotify App, Microsoft Could Bring it on Xbox One X

Spotify on Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed that Spotify, the global music streaming service, is soon to be seen on Xbox One. Given that Spotify has been on PlayStation 4 since 2015, it’s about time that Xbox One users enjoy their favorite music while gaming.

Microsoft has finally realized, it seems, that not having Spotify isn’t much of an advantage to its own music platform, Groove. At the same time, not having Spotify possibly puts them at a competitive disadvantage against PS4.

Major Nelson’s latest “this week on Xbox” video includes a brief glimpse of Spotify running as a background app on the Xbox One, confirming that the app will work while games are played.

Microsoft Xbox One has its own music service, called Groove Music, which was earlier called Xbox Music. It is a collection-based music service that allows the user to save albums into cloud for use across a limited number of devices. The Groove Music service is currently available for Windows 10 PCs, iOS, and Android. Groove can be accessed from the store or with a Groove Music Pass subscription.

Additionally, it comes with 100GB of OneDrive storage, which allows saving MP3s to the cloud for streaming. There is also 5GB complimentary space that comes with OneDrive to store some MP3s for free. Groove Music is priced at $9.99 per month in the U.S. and £8.99 in the UK, and gives users access to millions of albums to collect and stream.

While Groove has its own advantages, it is also plagued by certain flaws like limiting the subscriber’s reach into fast-growing collections like Spotify. As such, it seems the be the right move for Microsoft to bring in Spotify to Xbox One, albeit rather delayed. Moreover, its rival, PlayStation 4, is already Spotify-enabled. And it’s a huge hit on PS4, allowing users to stream more than 5 billion tracks.

Though Microsoft has confirmed that the app is in test phase, it’s not clear when Spotify will arrive. But it’s reasonable to assume that Xbox One X will come with software enhancements that include features like Spotify when it arrives in November.

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