MINECON 2017 Update: Major Changes Coming to Minecraft Mega Event

MineCon Earth: Minecraft event 2017

November 18 brings the most exciting event for Minecraft fans: MINECON 2017. This year, Mojang and Microsoft are changing the format, and it includes a 90-minute livestreamed event with “the same kind of entertainment, humor and announcements from past MINECON events”, according to a report.

The livestream, called MINECON Earth, will be available on Microsoft media streaming platform, Mixer, and also via Twitch.tv.

The other major change is to the official Minecraft community events. This year, the Minecraft brand is teaming up with Minefaire, MineVention and BLOCKFEST to create localized events where players can meet up with their favorite YouTube heroes and game streamers. Players will also be able to participate in tournaments and contests, as well as get early previews of fresh and unique content.

MINECON, or MineCon, was originally called MinecraftCon, and was first held in 2010. Since then, it’s been hosted by Mojang in the United States and Europe at various locations.

The very first event had a little over 30 people, but the Bellvue, Washington, event is considered by many to be the first official convention. In 2011, the number grew to 5,000. Last year, the Minecraft team sold 12,000 tickets within seconds of them being made available online at $160 a pop.

This year, Mojang is making MINECON a lot more inclusive, allowing millions of fans all over the world to tune-in to the livestream event on November 18. If you’re a fan, be sure to mark your calendar for November 18 at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT.

Minecraft has more than a hundred millions players around the world. At last count, in February 2017, over 121 million copies of various Minecraft versions have been sold.

More recently, Microsoft and Mojang announced that they would begin unifying the different platforms so players could compete across multiple devices, such as Xbox, PC and mobile. The transition is underway, and is called the “Better Together” Update.

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