LG V30 Releases August 31, First Camera Smartphone with f/1.6 Lens System

LG V30

LG Electronics has given up trying to hide the specs and other details of its flagship phones, so now it leaks the details on its own! For the upcoming LG V30, the company has recently highlighted the smartphone’s biggest feature: its f/1.6 lens. Technically, that’s higher light exposure than iPhone 7’s f/1.8.

But that’s not all. The LG V30 also sports a glass lens in its internals, and this is supposed to deliver much clearer and sharper images. LG hasn’t yet made it known whether both of its dual camera lenses will have these features.

The camera system is increasingly becoming an important feature of smartphones. Most flagship devices are moving to the dual camera format, and software enhancements are aplenty. So far, the newly launched HTC U11 has the highest benchmark rating ever, from DxOMark, followed by Google Pixel.

If LG V30 can make it to the top of the benchmark pile, there’s a chance that it’ll gain some traction when it hits the market. This is a critical feature, and it has to deliver the goods. LG’s most profitable segment is home entertainment, after which comes mobile communications, which made $2.5 billion in the first quarter of 2017. That’s considered small when you compare it to Apple or Samsung’s smartphone sales, but it does means smartphone sales are a crucial part of the company’s revenue model. It just goes to show how significant the launch of LG V30 really is.

This year, LG is pushing the boundaries on its flagship’s camera performance, even going so far as to claim that the V30 offers a third of reduction in edge distortion, “making it ideal for group wefies.”

But the camera is not the only thing that’s great about the LG V30. With OLED now becoming mainstream, LG is playing to its strengths. The upcoming device will have a 6-inch OLED display but because of the thinner bezels, the phone is actually smaller than the V20 that came before it.

Interestingly, the V10 was also known for its superior camera capability, and the V20 had awesome audio. We expect that the LG V30 will build on both strengths and deliver a truly worthwhile product this month.

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