SwiftKey (Word Flow) is the latest experiment released from Microsoft Garage. Word Flow works on Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets. It uses artificial intelligence technologies to predict the next word the user intends to type, and also auto-suggests, be it animation or words.

The app comes as a big relief when sending out huge text messages, addresses and so on. The artificial intelligence technologies in the app are able to learn the user’s pattern of typing and suggests the next word the user intends to type – this gets even better over a period of time once the artificial intelligence program understands the user’s typical habits.

Predictions include GIF’s, emoji, contacts and locations. The app helps the user auto-fill names with correct spellings, and to share a business’s location when required. It evens pulls the contact to share – and all of this happens without the user ever having to move away from the keyboard. The user has to simply swipe and look for suggestions. The most significant feature is the Arc model, which is specifically designed for easy one-handed typing.

Microsoft Garage is a hub for the company’s creative workforce to experiment; a place to translate employee innovation to reality. The division was kick-started in 2014 in former CEO Bill Gates’ office, and eventually spread across the globe to multiple locations. Each team owns its projects from inception to retirement, which includes design, code, release and support.

Some of the recent experiments from Microsoft Garage:

Dictate app is self-explanatory: the user has to start speaking and Dictate will capture everything the user says. Microsoft is already known for having one of the most accurate speech recognition software on the planet, and Dictate leverages that strength.

Find Time is one of the newest additions to the list from the Garage team, and helps with the process of pinning down meeting times to suit attendees’ schedules. The app helps capture the final time that works best for all, and automatically sends a calendar invite to participants on the list.

Face Swap is a fun app. The user can choose a scene from the camera roll or the web, and swipe through the results. It will transport you into fun, inspirational scenes. It also lets the user match their new scene with a new hairstyle or different fashion.

Another project, Mouse without Borders, gives PC users control over multiple devices with a single mouse and keyboard. The user will be able to drag and drop content, or copy and paste text from one device to another. It’s a great tool for productivity when you’re working on multiple devices and need some coherence between them.

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