Anker, primarily known for its power banks and charging cables, has announced a new smart speaker called Eufy Genie. Anker’s announcement of Eufy Genie with Alexa voice capability built in further strengthens its relationship with Amazon, given that most of Anker’s products are primarily sold through Amazon.

Eufy Genie, the Smart Home Speaker with Amazon Alexa, is a low-cost device and is slightly bigger than Amazon’s Echo Dot. It is priced at $35 whereas Echo Dot is at $50. The Eufy Genie has double the volume of Amazon’s device.

In terms of functionality, it is pretty much in line with Amazon’s Echo Dot, which includes the ability to listen to and process voice commands; it plays back audio through its own speaker and you can also output audio to larger speakers. Anker is known for supplying quality accessories at a reasonable price, primarily through Amazon.

The Genie is fully integrated with the Alexa voice-control system –  it can play music, give sports scores, control other smart home devices, answer queries, set calendars, report the weather, news, and more. Additionally, Eufy Genie will be able to communicate with other devices in their Eufy line, currently includes lights, robotic vacuum cleaner and health equipment.

Anker also said that the next version of Eufy Genie will be able to connect with external Bluetooth speakers, but at a slightly higher price tag of $40.

The third party smart speaker might not have a significant impact on Amazon’s Echo Dot sales, and the advantage for Amazon is that it is getting another Alexa portal in the home – without any extra work on the device front.

Anker’s new smart speaker pretty much carries similar functionality to Echo Dot, but with a lower price tag. Eufy Genie, through Alexa, will have access to over 15,000 skills and services, such as Uber, Domino’s Pizza and much more.

Future firmware updates for Eufy Genie might include the ability to control Spotify with your voice, and Alexa messaging and calling.

Anker will release the basic version of Genie on August 16 through Amazon, but pre-orders have already begun. Anker also announced that the next version of Eufy Genie will make its way to Amazon soon, with lots more features.

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