Moto Z Gets New Gamepad Mod on Verizon at a Pricey $80, Aug 25 Availability

Moto Z Gamepad Mod

A new Moto Mod for gamers is now available for Motorola’s Moto Z series, a Snap-On accessory for a better gaming experience. The new mod needs to be attached to the device, which then enables a set of physical gaming controls.

Moto Z Gamepad mod

Motorola’s Gamepad Mod lets a Moto Z series phone fit inside the comfortable confines of a game controller, adding a dual stick along with a D-pad, with action buttons for an incredible gaming experience. The mod has a 1035mAh battery of its own to power the Gamepad, and it even juices up your Moto Z for eight hours of usage, according to Verizon.

The Moto Mod’s price isn’t cheap. It is expected to retail at $79.99 on the Verizon Wireless website. But considering that even the $300 Moto 360 Camera mod doesn’t have a battery of its own, it might be worth the price if you’re a hardcore mobile gamer.

The Moto Z2 Force isn’t proving to be one of the favorite flagships of 2017, but the new mod has some serious upsides, especially if you’re a little clumsy with on-screen controls.

Moto Mods are compatible with any phone in the Moto Z family and transforms the Moto Z device into an entirely new experience. Mods can be easily snapped to the device, and the user has to just tap on the device to complete a one-time set-up. Similar to other Moto Mods, the Gamepad Mod uses the pins on the back of Moto Z series phones to form a direct data connection with the phone, providing reliable and lag-free game controls.

Motorola has launched several Mods that offer unique experiences to users, the most recent addition to its collection of Moto Mods being the 360-degree camera we spoke about earlier, which magnetically attaches to the back of your Moto Z. Though the Gamepad appears a little too big to keep it attached to the device, the modular nature makes it simpler to detach while not in use.

Other Moto Mods include: JBL SoundBoost speaker, Motorola’s Insta-Share projector, Hasselblad True Zoom Camera, Mophie Juice Pack, Kate Spade New York Power Pack, Incipio Offgrid Power Pack, TUMI Wireless Charging Power, Incipio Vehicle Dock,  JBL SoundBoost 2, Moto Style Shells, Moto TurboPower.

The Gamepad Moto will ship on August 25th for $79.99, and will be Verizon-exclusive. It is currently on backorder.

Backorder the Gamepad Moto Mod for Moto Z

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