This 10-minute Silent Song is Racing Up the iTunes Charts and Sells for 99 Cents

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iTunes user Samir Mezrahi has released a song on iTunes chart that is just 10 minutes of silence, and he’s named it “A a a a a Very Good Song.” Here’s the story behind the silent song that everybody is so thrilled about that it already has more than 15,000 likes.

While it sounds a little other-worldly, he’s done it as a solution to circumvent a well-known problem that iTunes users face when they plug their phone into their car’s infotainment system. It’s basically a smart way to avoid hearing the same song every time you plug your phone into the car stereo.

What usually happens is that the user plugs the phone into the car’s USB port to play music to catch a few tunes while driving, and to get some respite from annoying traffic. But each time the iPhone is plugged in, it automatically plays the entire library in alphabetic order.

While this seems like a relatively minor issue, the silent song has gained around 15,000 likes and is racing up the iTunes charts.

What Mezrahi’s song does is to give the user a few minutes of silence while they pick out the song that they really want to hear. And because of the name of the song (notice all the ‘a’s in there?), that silent track is the one that plays first every time. Simple, but neat.

The song is played for exactly nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds, allowing the user ample time to find the song of her/his choice after connecting their iPhone. Apple Music subscribers can download the music for free, and Mezrahi charges $0.99 for each download.

As one Redditor pointed out, for users who don’t have an Apple Music subscription and who would prefer not to pay $0.99 for a ten-minute silent track, they can also make a silent recording of their own and add it to iTunes.

It isn’t actually a song, of course, but it does give the user time to decide what song to play without having to hear the first alphabetical one while they’re searching. Though users can create their own silent song for the same purpose, quite a lot of them seem to prefer just spending the 99 cents to get rid of an irritating problem.

A quite a few have downloaded it, and the report from Engadget states, that in less than a day, it jumped to number 47 on the iTunes charts. The song beat out tracks from mainstream artists like Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Kesha and the Chainsmokers. @rescchami has tweeted that more than 15,000 likes have been received for the song so far.

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