Why Apple Frowns on iOS Jailbreak Tools and iOS Modifications

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Apple has long been against the phenomenon called iOS jailbreaking, which is essentially a method to gain root access on iOS devices so apps from outside the App Store can be installed, and several other modifications done. But why is Apple dead against iOS jailbreak tools and other unauthorized modifications to iOS?

On its support website, Apple outlines the many dangers of jailbreaking that many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners are unaware of. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Security Risks: Apple says that jailbreaking your device removes some of the security layers surrounding iOS, which means your personal information is exposed to hacking. Hackers can also inject malware, brick your device or use it to attack any network that your device is connected to.
  2. Instability: Jailbreaks can often cause your device to suddenly become unstable and behave unpredictably. Apps might freeze, data could be lost and even built-in apps can crash on jailbroken devices.
  3. Battery Life Takes a Hit: iPhones are notoriously power-hungry devices, and jailbreaks can often worsen the situation. That means accelerated battery drain that many jailbreak enthusiasts are familiar with. In short, you’ll end up needing to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch more often than usual.
  4. Spotty Data and Voice Experience: Jailbreaking can also affect your voice and data, which can lead to dropped calls, slow updating of location information and other symptoms.
  5. Disruption of Services: A lot of push-based services often have trouble sending data to jailbroken devices. Not only that, but syncing for several apps like iMessage, Weather, Stocks, Apple Pay and other utilities may also be affected.
  6. No Future iOS Updates Possible: In certain cases, jailbroken devices become inoperable when you try and update the software through Apple. In extreme situation, it can cause permanent damage that cannot be repaired.
  7. Warranties Voided: Any warranty that your device is covered by is immediately voided the moment you jailbreak it. Apple reserves the right to deny service for not only jailbroken devices, but also because of any unauthorized software installations such as tweaked apps.

That’s Apple’s take on iOS jailbreaks. Now, let’s look at some of the real-world risks for jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Two years ago, in August 2015, 225,000 iPhones were hacked, and all of them were jailbroken devices. In a way, it validated Apple’s years-long warnings about jailbreaking. The stolen information from these devices were used by over 20,000 people to make fake in-app purchases and download paid apps.

Since then, Apple has been more vigilant about jailbreaks, and every new jailbreak that gets released sees the vulnerability patched on the very next version of iOS.

Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone or iDevice?

At the end of the day, if it’s your device, nobody can stop you from jailbreaking it. However, a lot of new jailbreak enthusiasts are unaware of the huge risk they put themselves at when they jailbreak their device.

You can jailbreak your iPhone or iPad if you want; after all, it’s your money. But don’t look to Apple to support you if something goes wrong.

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