Google Camera App Version 4.4 Now Rolling Out with Selfie “Flash”, New Features

Google Camera app v4.4

Google Camera has got a facelift with version 4.4, the most missed update for the front camera of most smartphones. The selfie flash is available to Nexus and Pixel devices and is compatible with Android 7.1.1 and above.

Google Camera version 4.4 comes with a few changes, giving a boost to your photographic experience. Selfies can now be taken with a “flash” from the screen, and is a little brighter in low-light settings. The flash in question is a lit screen that gives you just a tad bit more light for a better selfie shot in the dark.

Some reports reveal that the selfie flash feature was enabled with the earlier version – 4.3 – but was unnoticed.

To access the feature, the user has to tap on the flash camera and select ‘automatic’ or ‘on’. Before the update some users even resorted to using the rear camera to take selfies – not the ideal experience.

There is also a quick zooming option enabled with the new version which allows the user to zoom in and out, and a new toggle to switch between camera functions. A double tap on the device is a simple gesture that will zoom in 50 percent; tapping again will zoom further. The traditional option to zoom remains for those who prefer specific zooming levels, through the zoom bar.

Also, switching between video and still images is made easier with a button. This is much simpler and quicker than swiping on the view finder to access or switch between camera functions. The zoom in feature is made along similar lines of the dual camera set-up.

You’re not really going to get iPhone quality photos with these new features, but they’re a lot better than uploading embarrassingly shoddy selfie shots to your friends and family on social media.

Unfortunately, version 4.4 may not be available for all regions. To check, visit Play Store and see what version of Google Camera is available for you to download.

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