Google Contacts App Now Available to All Eligible Third Party Android Devices

Google Contacts App

The Google Contacts app will now have a much wider reach as it makes its way to third-party devices. The contacts app from Google is now available to all devices, with the latest version released to the Google Play Store this Tuesday. It is no longer restricted to Nexus, Pixel and Android One devices. The decision to roll it out came with its latest client-side update.

Google Contacts is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer versions of its mobile operating system. This comes as a positive and very handy bit of news to those who juggle between multiple Google accounts or even just a personal and a work account.

Google Contacts is an online address book integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive and other products from Google’s stables. The new version that is now widely available comes with build number, along with two notable additions.

The app has got a new look and has a couple of features added. The new update has the ability to share and add contacts through QR codes – not officially rolled out yet but we should see it soon. It can also easily merge duplicate contacts and give you suggestions to add more information to your existing contacts list.

The new app allows merging multiple listings into one: if a user has two contact numbers like a personal and official number, the app automatically suggests and adds to the existing contact on the device rather than creating a new contact. That’s pretty handy when you’re using a dual SIM Android smartphone.

Knowing Google’s pattern of releasing a new feature, we can expect the QR sharing to appear any time from a week to a month. In the past, Google followed a pattern of merging the unreleased app with the public app, considering it as testing phase, before it is officially released.

With the company moving towards artificial intelligence, we can, in future, expect the app to be powered by some sort of AI, though nothing is clear for now.

To clarify, Google Contacts is completely different from the Trusted Contacts app that was recently released. Trusted Contacts includes more of tracking and safety measures, and is primarily an emergency app.

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